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Greetings to all. Hope all of you Metrocard collectors are doing well. As most of you are aware, It's been awhile since I updated &/or added anything to the "Latest News" page. To help bring things Up-To-Date I've listed below many of the cards that were released last year [2020] & I included LINKS to other News sites that listed information on these cards at the time they were released. I hope you find this informative & helpfull to some extent.


Veterans Day Metrocard news:



James Harden Metrocard news:

- SneakerNews.Com


Star Trek - Picard Metrocards news:

- Gothamist.Com - NYPOST.COM


Happy New Year! 

Beginning the week of January 13, 2020, a limited-edition, New York Public Library [125th anniversary] MetroCard will be available at 10 subway stations across the five boroughs. LINK to NYPL News. 

250,000 of these metrocards will be released on Both MVMs & at the Booths of the following 10 Subway stations:


  • Grand Central - 42nd Street
  • 42nd Street - Bryant Park
  • 34th Street - Penn Station (1,23)
  • 59th Street - Columbus Circle (A,B,C,D)
  • Broadway - Lafayette (B,D,F,M)
  • 125th Street (4,5,6)


  • 3 Avenue - 149 Street: Bronx

Staten Island

  • St. George Ferry Terminal 


  • Jay Street - Metrotech


  • Sutphin - Archer (Jamaica)




NEW FEATURE: Now you can find Metrocard listings on EBAY for many of the newer Metrocards. Just find the specific card in the Metrocard listing on the Home page & simply click on the EBAY link for that specific metrocard. 


Advanced notification: New DKNY metrocard being released tomorrow. Click here to get the details. 


- Word on the street - : Someone at HULU hinted that a new card planned for release within the next week at many major stations [Times Sq., Union Sq., Etc] within NYC. 250K - BTHs & MVMs. Not confirmed, Nothing published on internet yet.  

07/25/2019 ,

The RIMOWA metrocards will be coming out but not until this time next month [August]. 


Just heard through the grapevine that RIMOWA may be releasing a series of four Metrocards this week. No other details were provided. Their Luggage store is located on Madison Ave between 54th & 55th.


MTA is releasing four Seinfeld MetroCards, available for a limited time, to celebrate our 30th Anniversary! Head to the booth at one of these stations to get yours before they are gone:

Times Sq-42 St 
Grand Central-42 St 
34 St-Herald Sq. 
14 St-Union Sq. 
Fulton St (A,C,J,Z,2,3,4,5) MANHATTAN
34 St-Penn Station (1,2,3, A,C,E) MIDTOWN
59 St-Columbus Circle

Lexington Av-53 St  


ADVANCED NOTIFICATION - On July 5th the MTA will be releasing Limited Edition Seinfeld 30th anniversary Metrocards. Check the following Link for more details: 


On May 15, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) released 250,000 limited edition MetroCards in honor of the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial Glade on May 30. The cards are available at 10 stations throughout New York City, largely concentrating around the World Trade Center and highly trafficked stations in midtown Manhattan.

Four different cards are in circulation, featuring photos of rescue and recovery workers at Ground Zero taken by FEMA photographer Andrea Booher. The stories of the individuals featured on the cards illustrate the immense scale of the response, pulling in people from all over the country to aid in the rescue, recovery and relief efforts following the attacks.

In 2001, Mike Nugent was a Lieutenant with the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, assigned to the Technical Rescue Team and served on FEMA?s South Florida Urban Search and Rescue Team (FL-TF2). On 9/11, Mike was at Texas A&M University teaching a class to a Texas Urban Search and Rescue Team. Since flights were grounded, Mike and his FEMA team took a series of buses to New York City, reporting to the Javits Center on the Friday after the attacks and remaining for about two weeks.

Mike is now the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Special Operations Chief. He suffers from sarcoidosis, most likely as a result of his time working at Ground Zero.

Mark Bogush was a First Lieutenant with Tampa Fire Rescue and also a member of FEMA?s South Florida Urban Search and Rescue Team (FL-TF2) on 9/11. Once at Ground Zero with his team, including his K-9 partner Marley, he worked the night shift for seven days straight to search for victims? remains. As he was walking in and out of the site, Mark would walk through an area designated for victims? loved ones and found that Marley would always lighten their spirits. Today Mark is still with the Tampa Fire Rescue as the Assistant Fire Chief for Operations.

Daniel Armenta was a Lieutenant with the San Francisco Fire Department who volunteered at Ground Zero after 9/11. He served for 31 years with the Department, reaching the rank of Battalion Chief. Daniel passed away from bladder cancer in November 2013, believed to be a result of his firefighting career, including his response to the World Trade Center.

On 9/11, Roslyn Nieves was a NYPD Crime Prevention Specialist. She was mobilized to respond to Ground Zero the week following the attacks and worked there for several months as a security detail and helping to share information among law enforcement. Roslyn retired from the NYPD in 2004 and currently works as a host and community development manager for Queens Public Television. 

Wall St. on the 4 and 5 lines
Grand Central Terminal
Penn Station
Times Square

The cards will be available at 10 subway stations, most in the area around Ground Zero: World Trade Center on the E line, WTC Cortlandt St. and Rector St. on the No. 1 line, Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall on the Nos. 4, 5 and 6 trains, Cortlandt St. on the R and W lines and Wall St. on the 4 and 5 lines. Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Times Square and Jay St. in Brooklyn are the others.


WTC Cortlandt St. (1)
Grand Central - 42 St. (S, 4, 5, 6, 7)
34 St. - Penn Station (1, 2, 3)
Times Square - 42 St.
Cortlandt St. (R, W)
World Trade Center (E)
Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall (4, 5, 6)
Wall St. (4, 5)
Rector St. (1)

Hello Metrocard collecting enthusiasts. Like I've said before, "when it rains it pours". Several New Metrocards have been popping up lately. David Bowie metrocards weren't the end of this new storm of new Metrocards.

Two new "The New School" cards were released at around the time EarthDay was celebrated. A Contest "New School" card was handed out at Union Square on Earth Day to allow those who received a FREE two-ride card to write their Ideas for Sustainability on the back of the card & Post it On-Line to give them a chance to win the Contest with the best Sustainability idea. Also, released around this time was another "The New School" Metrocard that was available at Subway booths near other educational Schools in the five boroughs.

Next up is the Tiffany Blue Metrocard that was briefly available at a few Booths around Manhattan to celebrate & advertize a new line of jewelry at the Tiffany store. Several Bodagas around town also participated by displaying Tiffany Blue paper flowers including colored awnings & other store furnishing in the popular Blue color. This very rare card [ONLY 10K] is now mostly gone from the few stations Booths that distributed the Metrocard.

More recently released was the Hangzhou China Metrocard which was also a very low production distribution [20K]. This Metrocard was only released at a few specific locations around Manhattan & was ONLY available at Subway Booths [Not MVMs].

The Tiffany promotion ended last week & HANGZHOU CHINA card is mostly over this week so get the cards if you can now, or you'll be paying more for used Metrocards later.



Happy 2018 to all the Metrocard collectors out there.  It's been a pretty slow start to the new year as far as new MTA NYC Metrocards  But  things should be picking up quite a bit now, as it does every year around this time. 

Just released within the past week was a 5 card series, "DAVID BOWIE IS" that was released to advertise a great new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. The Production on this set is 250,000 [Approximately 50,000 of each of the five Metrocards.]. These Metrocards are only available at the Broadway/Lafayette Subway station in Manhattan & are available on both MVM machines & also at the Subway Booth. This station has also been thoroughly decorated to display a number of interesting Photos from David Bowies very successful music career. This station was chosen because he lived in the immediate area & used this station to get around town many times.

Stay tuned to Metrocard Central to get all the latest information on upcoming Metrocards. 



The limited-edition JET.COM Metrocards will be distributed randomly at vending machines at the following 10 NYC stations:

  1. 14 St-Union Sq
  2. 59 St-Columbus Circle
  3. Lexington Av/59 St
  4. East 86 St
  5. Lexington Av-53 St
  6. Fulton St
  7. 14 St/6 Av
  8. Chambers St/WTC/Park Place
  9. Canal St
  10. West 4 St-Washington Sq



New DIESEL Metrocard was released the end of September. The Production on this card is 100,000.

The word is within the next couple of weeks JET.COM will be releasing a Metrocard. The Production & where the card will be released is currently unknown.   


I'm being told there's a Metrocard on Ebay that has Micheal Jordan Logo & it states the words "We need leaders" on a Black background. My source at the MTA says they have no knowledge of a Metrocard like this that was produced.    


Just discovered that, last year, there was a IIA International Conference at the Jacob Javits Center from July 17th thru the 20th of 2016, where a Conference Metrocard was created & distributed to 2500 attendees. This special event was put on by the Institute of Internal Auditors. This was the 75th anniversary of the Institute. The Conference Metrocard can be viewed here in the 2016 Album. 


An Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield - CARE FOR EVERY GENERATION Metrocard was recently released to advertise how to learn more about applying for New York Health Insurance where they provide a Website address & phone number of the Official Health Plan Marketplace. The production on this Metrocard is 250,000.


Two new Metrocards were recently released over the past couple of months.

The Naussau Inter-County Express Bus system recently initiated a service to provide Low-Income residents with a new transit fare program where they can get FREE Metrocards. United Way of Long Island and Nassau Inter-County Express have partnered to create Everyone Rides NICE, a nonprofit foundation that will provide free round-trip MetroCards to eligible riders. A special Two-ride card was created for this purpose. The Production & distribution of this card is ongoing so there's no specific number that can be provided at this time.

Also, On May 6th - 9th at the Jacob Javits Center, the American Planning Association had their 2017 National Planning Conference. For this Conference, special custom Metrocards were sent to attendees prior to the conference. These specific Metrocards were made available only to Conference attendees & only about 3 to 4 thousand were given to those attending the APA conference.   


A new season of TWIN PEAKS is hitting Showtime on May 21st. Now, just released in mid-may, you'll be able to get your own little piece of the show's return?the MTA has released four different versions of these limited edition MetroCards featuring either Laura Palmer or Agent Cooper as part of Showtime's ongoing ad campaign. Two cards, one for Laura & one for agent Cooper, show the line "A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE". The other two, one for Laura & one for agent Cooper, show the line "IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN".

These MetroCards will only be available at select stations: 

50th St & Broadway [MN-1 Line], 50 St & 8th Ave [MN-C&E Line], 14 St & 8th Ave [MN-A,C,E], Astor Pl [MN-6 Line], W4 St [MN-F Line], Broadway-Lafayette [MN-F Line], 2nd Av [MN-F Line], York St[BK-F Line], Bergen St [BK-G Line]Bedford Ave [BK-G Line], Metropolitan Ave [BK-G Line]. 


What's SUPREME ??? ;o)

SUPREME Metrocards were available for a limited time either at their Downtown store or at the following stations; Broadway-Lafayette, Queens Plaza, Marcy Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Prince Street, Spring Street, Union Square, and the 125th Street 2/3 train.


The Second Ave Subway Commemorative Metrocard was recently released the last week in December to commemorate the opening of the new 2nd avenue subway stations on the "Q" subway line.  I've included a Photo of this Metrocard & also added the Poetry In Motion "A Strange Beautiful Woman" to the 2016 Album of Photos on my Flickr site. 


No new Metrocards to report but I recently included Production numbers on most of the cards released in 2015 & 2016. Check the Home page to see these numbers. 


Sorry for taking so long to add new updates on Metrocards.  It's been over seven months since my last update. Released recently are the CITI - Make it here - metrocard & the ROCKAWAY! metrocard. Citi bank has started a new advertising campaign & have added extensive advertising at many of the subway stations on the E subway line, including many of the Subway trains. To celebrate Rockaways comeback from hurricane Sandy, MOMA PS1 has worked with Rockaway artists to create an new exhibition at Fort Tilden Park in the Rockaways.    


A new Baruch College Metrocard was released the beginning of November. This Metrocard was available at specific booths in both NYC & Brooklyn.

Also, just released is a new "Call 511 for Public Transit Information" Metrocard.  The messages on this card are written out in both the English & Russian languages.    


Two new Metrocards have been released over the past month. Early in September a new Green metrocard was released where the MTA - through the UN's Caring for Climate initiative are commited to work toward a greener world. Towards the end of September a new TD Bank metrocard was released.   


Over the past month three new Metrocards were released. The NYU Lutheran Metrocard was first released about a month ago & identifies a new Health Center that has now become part of the NYU Langone Health System. The 2nd card more recently released is the new New York Organ Donor Metrocard that is a Red card that shows a line for your Signature & says [Your signature is more powerful than you think]. And, lastly just released over the past week is the St. John's University Metrocard. All three of these cards can be viewed by clicking this link.


Happy New Year to Metrocard collectors. I'm baaaaack! Sorry for the delayed updates but there was a death in the Family & I haven't had a chance to make updates & more importantly search for the latest metrocards.

Where do I start. Near the middle to the end of November the Tansit System started releasing a four card set to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the Transit System. So, where's the Spanish language version of these cards? When they had the 100th anniversary they distributed, I think, several different Metrocards & each one had an English version & a  Spanish language version. 

Shortly after that a New Century 21 departmernt store Metrocard was released that looked very similar to the Metrocard they distributed last year around the Holiday season.

On the 21st of November there was an event celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Verranzano-Narrows bridge & a Metrocard was released on & after this event.

Last, but not least around December 25th a new Metrocard was released to advertise the 13th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central's New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex & Store.      


Watch the PIX11 video on the new Brooklyn NETS Metrocard release by clicking here. 

A lot of the Media including PIX11 is reporting that this is the first professional Sports related Metrocard purchased & distributed by a sports organization, which we know is NOT true. The MTA specified to the media that this is the first 2-Sided sports TEAM related Metrocard. Obviously, the NFL put out four 2-sided Metrocards earlier this year for the Super Bowl but this was not specific to a TEAM. The New York METS, YANKEES, GIANTS, & JETS have all been on Metrocards but they were ALL 1-sided cards. 


Anybody ever here the saying, "When it rains, it pours"? Well, it's starting to pour New Metrocards. A new series of FULTON CENTER Metrocards has just been released to commemorate the opening of the new station. There's at least two Metrocards in this series & maybe more. Keep monitoring Metrocard Central for the latest news. Production of the New Brooklyn NETS Metrocard is 250,000. 


"We Are / Brooklyn", is a New NETS Basketball Metrocard that was just released. Looks like the Brooklyn NETS beat the Knicks to be the first Basketball Metrocard released by the New York MTA. We've had Metrocards in the past for Hockey [Rangers], Baseball [Yankees & Mets], Football [Giants & Jets, NFL Drafts], & US Open Tennis BUT no Basketball until now. Way to go NETS! Next, we want a set of NBA Championship Metrocards !    


Three New Metrocards have come out over the last couple of weeks for NYC Hospitals. Two are Mount Sinai Metrocards and one is for the NYC Langone Medical Center. The two Mount Sinai cards are a limited run of only 50,000 each and the NYU Langone Medical Center is one million.  


WOW !, It's been over five months since the last News update on Metrocard Central & there haven't been any new releases except a couple of Subway Safety Cards.  But, In the last few weeks there's been a few new interesting releases.

Within the last few weeks a new M60 Select Bus Service metrocard was released to inform Bus riders that, on May 25th, 2014, the M60 Bus line was upgraded to the New M60 Select Bus Service that has been improved to provide Bus commuters with faster Bus service.

Also, within the last couple of weeks a new MTA Bus Time metrocard was released that provides information on how you can now use your smartphone, computer, tablet or any mobile device to know exactly when buses will be stopping at specific bus stops.

Last but not least two New two-sided ad Metrocards were released that are written entirely in spanish & provide information on a Law Firm that specializes in immigration legal matters. The 1st Metrocard provides a list of the Law Firm's offices in New York & New Jersey. The 2nd Metrocard identifies the TV Stations & shows that the Law Firm's attorney's take part in to discuss immigration legal matters. The Production on each of the cards is 125,000 making it a total release of 250,000 Metrocards. 


The 20 collectors limit has been met & the Collectors who made the "First 20 List" were notified that they made the list & can purchase the Super Bowl XLVIII Set. Thanks to all for your participation & to the 20 who made purchases of the set. Some of this Money helps pay for the expenses to maintain this Website.

To those who still want the Super Bowl set , you can still find individual Metrocards & the full set available on EBAY. There are also, right now, a wide variety of Metrocards, older & newer, available at very fair prices on EBAY, so be sure to check what's currently offered against some of the older cards that you may still need to complete your collections.      


[01/23 UPDATE: The offer mentioned below has ended.]  

Get the NEWEST NFLSuper-Bowl Metrocard Set right here on Metrocard Central ! Due to issues on Ebay my good friend & fellow Metrocard collector DR.METRO has been unable to list these cards due to new Ebay Policy restrictions on newer Metrocards. So, if you're looking to snag the new 4-card NFL set on Ebay you're probably out of luck, right now. But no problem for those who follow Metrocard Central. DR.METRO has requested I offer some of the cards here so collectors have the chance to get the cards now while they're still in pristine unused condition and hopefully at a price that's more realistic then some of the stuff that gets listed on Ebay.  20 Sets are being made available for $42.

So, here's the deal. Be one of the first 20 collectors to send an Email to me, using "Contact Me" [Listed at the top of this page.], identifying you want to purchase the 4-card set of XLVIII Super Bowl Metrocards for $42 and I will add you to the list until 20 separate collectors have Emailed me. Only one set will be offered to each collector who's quick enough to make the list of 20. Identify your Full Name & Email address [Phone number is optional.]. Once I get 20 Emails I will update this page "Latest News" that the limit has been met. I will then notify those 20 collectors who were fastest & made the 1st 20 list. Those contacted by me will have to provide their Mailing Address for shipping & MUST USE PAYPAL to make a Paypal payment to my account. Shipping is FREE within the U.S. & for international collectors USPS International shipping charges will apply. It's that simple, be the fastest to Email me & you get the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII set for $42. Paypal Payment must be made within 48 hours of notification or the next Collector will be offered the Set. READY, SET, GO ! 



The last & 4th NFL Super Bowl XLVIII [Blue- Large Logo] was released & should be available at most of the major Subway stations.

Also, a new Poetry In Motion - More Love In The Ruins should be coming out this week.   


A third Super Bowl XLVIII [Green] was recently released. There should be four different Super Bowl cards in all. So far three of the four have come out [Blue, Orange, & now Green.]  


Two of the new Super Bowl XLVIII metrocards have just been released. These are the first two cards of a four card set. The 1st card has a blue background, the 2nd has an Orange background. Not sure if the other two will be coming our this month or in January. Have a GREAT Christmas & Happy New Year to all the Metrocard collectors out there !  


Some "Fast & Furious 6" Metrocards were given out by the Village Voice. The Village Voice had a contest where Ten lucky winners received a $15 metrocard & a USB Car charger.  


An interesting dilema just occurred with the a new "Fast & Furious 6" planned Metrocard release this month. Because of the recent death of actor Paul Walker, the Metrocard will not be released. If you can somehow get your hands on one, grab it.

Also recently released this month was a new Poetry In Motion - Seamus Heaney, 1939 - 2013 metrocard. 

Lastly, a Century 21 Metrocard is being released. The Production on this card is 350,000. 


METROCARD ALERT ! : Six NEW "I lOVE NY" Metrocards were just released the end of last week to identify the comeback of NY areas hit by hurricane Sandy last year. The six cards mention the comeback of the following areas:

- Coney Island - Howard Beach - Long Beach - Long Island - The Rockaways - Staten Island

Click here to view the new "I LOVE NY" Metrocards. The Production on the cards is said to be 50,000 each [300,000 Total] where they are being distributed out ONLY at the larger station Subway Booths in Manhatten & throughout the five boroughs.  


A new Poetry In Motion metrocard was just released and is entitled "To the reader: Twilight" where author is Chase Twichell.  Also overlooked a new Select Bus Service metrocard for BX41 bus service, which came out last month. These cards can be viewed on the Metrocard Photos page.


A new Empire City Casino Metrocard was released a couple of weeks ago to advertise the Casino at Yonkers Raceway. Production on this card is said to be approximately 500,000.   

Date: 09/20/2013:

Recently I was just notified by a collector that there were actually five Earthday Metrocards released this year, not four as was previously mentioned.  The Subway Car metrocard was left out & was not reported until recently after the collector came across it when reviewing his Green Metrocards.  

Also, just released was a new Grand Central - Grand Centennial - 100 YEARS - Meet Me at the Clock Metrocard which is the third card released this year to celebrate the anniversary of Grand Central terminal.

Lastly, a new green colored Airtrain JFK metrocard was released. The previous Airtrain cards have been blue in color up until now.

Date: 08/21/2013:

A new Poetry In Motion Metrocard was just released named "The Good Life" by Tracy K. Smith.

Another interesting Metrocard item that is getting a lot of interest now is the Transit Workers Union 100 advertising card that was made to look almost exactly like a Metrocard but is about twice the dimensions of a real Metrocard. The card pushes for a Safer Subway System by reducing subway train speeds when entering a station. These cards were briefly handed out back in February of this year at City Hall & a couple of other stations.   

Date: 08/01/2013

Hope everyone is having a nice summer. Since last News update back in April several new cards have been released. Earthday went by very quietly this year but the MTA was still able to distribute a Green Metrocard set containing five cards very similar to a group that was released for earthday back in 2010.  The  Poetry In Motion metrocard [Voyager, Mary Ruefle] was released back in April as mentioned. More recently a New two-sided red advertisement card was released for Resorts World Casino that opened near JFK international airport in Brooklyn. Photo's of these cards can be viewed on the 2013 album on the photos page of this Web-Site.   

Date: 04/26/2013

A new 2-sided Metrocard, Grand Central | Grand Centennial - Celebrating 100 Years, was recently released. The new metrocard shows a photo of GCT's statue of the Greek God Mercury which stands atop the main entrance to the terminal.  

Date: 03/20/2013

A new Metrocard "NICK CAVE  HEARD-NY" was just released to advertize an event at GCT next week, as part of the 100th year anniversary of Grand Central Terminal.  

Newly designed 1-Trip & 2-Trip MetroCards have been released within the last week.

A new Poetry In Motion [Grand Central, Billy Collins] was released recently & Ragtime by Kevin Young was released about a month ago

Another new Poetry In Motion metrocard [Voyager, Mary Ruefle] will be coming out in April.

Date: 02/01/2013

The New Grand Central Terminal - 100 YEARS metrocard was released about a week ago. Production on this metrocard should be a million or more. There will be an ongoing celebration this year commemorating the GCT terminals 100th Year.   

Date: 01/02/2013

Happy New Year! A new Poetry In Motion metrocard was recently released titled Jeffrey Wang, b. 1974.  

Date: 12/13/2012

Happy Holidays to one & all!  It's been awhile since my last update. In August the first new GAP Two-Sided Ad Metrocard was released in October as mentioned.  The next Two-Sided Ad card will be an AUDIBLE.COM Ad which is going to be released next week. The Simple Mobile Metrocard was released about a week ago. The latest NY Transit Museum card was also released over a week ago showing the GCT Clock Christmas Ornament. Aslo more recently an English & Spanish version of a new MTA Bus Time Metrocard was released. Shortly before these cards were released, the Health Plus Metrocard was released. I was told the Health Plus card has a lower production of about 125,000.

Date: 08/16/2012

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS FOLKS! Here's the latest news & information on New METROCARDS:

+There will be a new Safety Metrocard released this month relating to Subway Platform Safety.

+In August thru September a New TRUANCY Metrocard will be distributed relating to a major ad campaign by Ad Council & promoted by Mayor Bloomberg to fight chronic absenteeism and truancy in our schools.

+Coming soon there will be the next NYC Transit Museum Metrocard which will advertise a Die-Cast Subway Car for sale at the museum.

+OH YES! It's almost ready folks! Get ready for the 1st Metrocard that will contain an advertisment [In full color] on both the BACK & the FRONT of the Metrocard! This New Metrocard will be coming out in October so stay tuned for more information coming out in the next month or so.

+And in early 2013 get ready for the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Terminal. To commemorate & acknowledge this event a four card Metrocard series will be released early in the year. New commemorative Logo shown below.

Grand Central Terminal

Date: 07/30/2012MTA

Opens Front of metrocard for advertising. See details at A new Poetry In Motion metrocard was released last week entitled "Noche de Ljuvia, San Salvador".MTA Website for Poetry In Motion: Date: 07/15/2012

A new New York Transit Museum Metrocard was released showing NYC Subway Map Boxer Shorts. 

Date: 06/13/2012

A new New York Transit Museum Metrocard has just been released depicting a NYC Subway Map iPhone Cover $20.Date: 05/24/2012A new New York Transit Museum Metrocard has just been released depicting a NYC Subway Map Shopper's Tote Bag $15. 

A new 2012 METS Metrocard was recently released.

Date: 04/02/2012

A new metrocard called Poetry In Motion - Graduation was recently released, which is the 1st card in a new series of Poetry In Motion Metrocards [This card has a production of one million.]. There will be a Series of these cards with one new card being released [1 million each] about every three months.

Date: 03/09/2012

Production on the Domino's Pizza Metrocard is 100,000 which is a relatively low number. This card is being released at select stations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, & the Bronx.

Production on the James Rizzi metrocard is approximately 16,000. The card is being provided with the new James Rizzi "my New York City" travel book. The new book [Around $150 purchase price.] is only available, at this time, in Europe & is in the German language, not english. The book may be released later in the year in the United States but no confirmed dates have been set on this yet.

Date: 02/17/2012

New Domino's Pizza Metrocard is out.

Date: 01/09/2012

In the "Great gifts from the Transit Museum" set, the third Metrocard, picturing Authentic NYC Transit Token Cuff Links $90 was released about a week ago.

Date: 01/05/2012

James Rizzi, a famous New York Pop-artist who applied his playful, cartoon like style to Metrocards, Volkswagen Beetles, Japanese train ads, cow sculptures and the front page of a German newspaper, died Dec. 26 at his New York studio. He was 61.

Date: 11/22/2011

Last week the 2nd NY Transit Museum metrocard was released. Click the link to see the new Great gifts from the Transit Museum! - iPad Case $28 metrocard.

Also, New Metrocard just released for Select Bus Service for M34 & M34A [Production: 5 million].

Date: 11/08/2011

On September 13th, I incorrectly reported there would be a new series of TransitFacts Metrocards. In actuality, there will be a series of New York Transit Museum metrocards advertising the Transit Museum in both Brooklyn & at Grand Central Terminal. The first of these Metrocards shows a Toy Bus, has a Production of one million & was released around a week ago. There should be one or two more of this series within the next couple of months [Production: One million each.].

Coming out soon there should be a new SBS Bus at 34th street Metrocard. Production on this Metrocard is 5 million.

Date: 11/01/2011 *BREAKING NEWS*: A NEW James Rizzi metrocard was recently just offered exclusively with artist James Rizzi's new book "James Rizzi My New York City" which is currently only available in Europe [Not U.S.]. Supposedly this new Metrocard is limited to 2,000 & is provided with the book & other Rizzi bonus items. The cost of the book is around $150 & is currently not available in U.S. bookstores. The expiration date on these cards is April of 2013 which would suggest that the card was intended to be released sometime in early 2012 and not at this time. Because of this expiration date, I'm guessing that there may be a U.S. release early next year. More news to come as we check into this new highly collectible Metrocard.

For those interested in Metrocard Holders & the Free Ride cards, there was a hand-out of a holder & Free ride Metrocard, at 42nd & 72nd street, Red 2 & 3 subway line stations, back in early September, to advertise a new HBO series "Boardwalk Empire". The card is the basic safety metrocard. To get more info on this Holder & metrocard click here & go to the end of the Other Metrocard Sites page.

Date: 10/26/2011

Just found a more obscure paper metrocard that's for a round trip Bus Ticket.

Also, the English version Safety Metrocard for "Don't assume it was left by accident. If you see something, say something.", is now being released.

Date: 10/20/2011

A new Metrocard "The Weekender" was just released that's advertising the MTA's new Website. The MTA has launched "The Weekender," a new feature [Website] of intended to transform the way riders navigate the subway system on weekends. News about the Weekender can be found at .

Date: 10/19/2011

A new Metrocard "511 One MTA One Number" was just released that states you can "Call 511 and just say MTA to get the information you need.".

Date: 10/05/2011

A new MTA Safety Spanish version Metrocard was just released. The card says "NO SUPONGA QUE LO DEJARON POR ACCIDENTE. SI VES ALGO, DI ALGO." printed all in capitol letters in a bold face font. The translation is "Don't assume it was left by accident. If you see something, say something."

Date: 09/18/2011

A new Weekender metrocard will be released soon. The MTA has launched "The Weekender," a new feature of intended to transform the way riders navigate the subway system on weekends. News about the Weekender can be found at .

Date: 09/13/2011 There will be a new series of TransitFacts Metrocards that will start next month. So far, the word is, there will be one each month for the next three months. Production on each release is one million.

There will be a new 2011 (MTA) 511 metrocard coming out next month. Production will be around five million.

There is also a new Weekender metrocard that will be released soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Last, but not least, there are two new 2011 Safety cards that have been added to the site which are:

Avoid a Gap mishap

Stay alert on station platforms

There are two versions of the New REUNITE 9/11 Memorial metrocard that have been released within the last few weeks. The first Metrocard version identifies when the 9/11 Memorial will be dedicated & that it will be open to the public after 9/11. This version also identifies the Subway lines & stops that can be used to get to the 9/11 Memorial site & the Web site [] that should be used to plan your visit. The 2nd version uses a larger print font & only mentions the Web site & the Subway information previously mentioned.

Date: 09/02/2011

New REUNITE 9/11 Memorial metrocard began being released last week to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 & the upcoming dedication of the 9/11 Memorial site at the World Trade Center.

Date: 07/27/2011 New Safety card released that says "Step over the gap, not in it."

Date: 07/20/2011

The new MOMA "Talk to Me" Metrocard mentioned here back in April has just been released. This Metrocard is promoting a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art taking place July 24th thru November 7th. The MOMA "Talk to Me" exhibition explores the communication between people and things. Production on this Metrocard will be 6 million.

Date: 06/28/2011

Check out the Metrocard Links page for Metrocard Art. Lots of creative things going on these days with Metrocards. I just hope the artists check to see there's no value on the cards & they're not using a NY Times card or RNC Cubic card for their canvas or collage ;o)

Date: 06/23/2011

Now, customers experiencing problems with their MetroCards can now easily access assistance via the internet using MetroCard eFIX.

eFIX, a new claims processing system, allows customers to use the internet when addressing lost or stolen reduced fare MetroCards, transfer problems, an overcharge, problems with a Select Bus Service fare collector, a MetroCard not returned by a bus farebox, and certain MetroCard Vending Machine incidents. These were all issues that customers previously had to have addressed by mail or telephone, but with eFIX, the process is being streamlined, making it easier and more efficient for customers to correct MetroCard problems. Click here to Link to MTA eFIX site.

Date: 05/27/2011

New METS metrocard released that says "Take the train to the METS game" & shows a Photo of CitiField.

Date: 05/16/2011

Remaining leftover optimism Metrocards have been released & have been coming out over the past couple of weeks.

Date: 04/21/2011

Production of new 2011 Earth Day metrocard is one million.

Upcoming Metrocards:
New METS Metrocard will be released in May.
2nd release of remaining Optimism card is scheduled for release soon.
In June there will be a new MOMA Metrocard [Production will be 6 million.]

Date: 04/19/2011

Photos of the new 2011 Earth Day metrocard & the last card in the seven card series have been added.

Date: 04/18/2011

Lev Radin metrocard site [ ] shows the new 2011 Earth Day metrocard & also shows the last card in this new seven card series.

Date: 04/01/2011

Three new "Improving, non-stop" are now coming out. The three cards are: A city is only as good as it's transit system , Improvements don't just happen &
There's safety in numbers.

The new SHOP 2 AVE - It's Worth It is now also being distributed. Lots of new cards coming out. It's that time of year for the MTAnew seven card series.

Date: 03/28/2011

UPDATE: New Wells Fargo Metrocard was handed out on March 18th at Rockefeller Plaza to celebrate the anniversary of Wells Fargo and also to recognize the switch over of the Wachovia Banks to Wells Fargo. Since this was a hand out & was not distributed through the MTA Subway system I would guess the Production on this card is much lower then most cards issued. Appears to be one of the harder collectible cards to find in years.

Date: 03/21/2011

New Wells Fargo Metrocard was released last week, I think. I'm not sure yet where the card was offered but I've heard that someone said it was a basketball game [Nets or Knicks possibly?], but I haven't verified this yet so stay tuned.

The 3rd card of the "Improving, non-stop" that states " now has more info" was recently released.

Date: 03/15/2011

Second Metrocard in "Improving, Non-Stop" "HYPERLINK ""Our apps are whiz kid certified" started coming out around a week ago. Click here for Link to NY Times article on new MTA "Improving Non-Stop".

Date: 02/28/2011

The latest word is there will be only one Earthday Metrocard this year.

New Metrocard "Shop 2nd Avenue" will be released along the lex line [51st to 125th st.]. Production will be approximately 2 million.

Date: 02/22/2011

First Metrocard in "Improving, Non-Stop" seven card series is out. The card says "Can our buses go faster? You bet." and can be viewed by clicking this link.
Three new cards will be released in March & the remaining three of the seven will get released in April. As was stated back in January the production on each card will be one million.

Date: 01/20/2011

Coming up soon there will be SEVEN new metrocards for the "Improving, Non-Stop" campaign. Each Metrocard in this series will have a production of 1 million. The Metrocards will promoteTransit improvements such as the countdown clocks above station platforms that show how many minutes are left until the next train arrives; new security cameras; and special lanes on city streets dedicated to buses; using MTA website, as a source for up-to-date information on service announcements and changes.

Date: 01/06/2011

Happy New Year to all Metrocard Collectors! Nothing new to report yet but I should have some news later this month so stay tuned to Metrocard Central.

Date: 12/02/2010?

JCPenney Metrocard has just been released. JC Penney Metrocard is being distributed at all the major Subway Stations.

New Train of Thought Metrocard [Anicius Boethius* (480-524) - Consolations of Philosophy ] is planned for release soon.

Date: 10/19/2010?

New Train of Thought Metrocard [Saint Augustine, Confessions] has just been released.

Date: 10/15/2010

The NEW M15 SBS (+Select Bus Service) Metrocard is out! On October 10, 2010 the M15 becomes the M15 Select Bus Service.

Date: 10/13/2010

Another new Train of Thought Metrocard [MIHRI KHATUN, Poetry's voice, Society's song] has just been released.

Date: 09/27/2010

The Metrocard with $4.50 imprinted on the back is a new metrocard that is now sold to retailers and City Agencies unwrapped - the card value for this card is printed on the card to show the value as it is unwrapped.

NEW M15 SBS (Select Bus Service) Metrocard due out in October - Production is 6 million.

Path Metrocard just ended on EBAY [3 Day auction.] and sold for over $15. This card was mentioned on this site over a month ago.

Date: 09/15/2010

As was mentioned a month ago a new Train of Thought Metrocard "Ralph Waldo Emerson, Experience" is now out.

U.S. Tennis Open distributed over 2,000 2 ride ($4.50) Metrocards to lucky tennis fans [Or lucky collectors who follow this site.] attending the 2 week tournament. Metrocards were just handed out by the Entry Gates during specific days of the Tournament. Tennis attendees were not required to do anything to obtain or win the Metrocard as was previously mentioned in tennis news articles.

Date: 08/19/2010

NEW PATH Metrocard 2-Trip Card out.

NEW two trip Metrocard has new $4.50 printing on back.

U.S. Tennis Open to distribute 2 ride ($4.50) Metrocards to 125 lucky tennis fan winners each day of 2 week tournament.

New Train of Thought Metrocard coming out soon.

NEW M15 SBS bus service Metrocard due out in October.

Date: 06/07/2010

Breaking news! NEW Staten Island Railway Metrocard is now out [ STATEN ISLAND RAILWAY - Celebrating 150 Years since 1860 (Click underlined link to view card) ]. This New Metrocard is now listed on the Home page with link to photo in the 2010 Photo Album.

Date: 04/23/2010

Fifth and final Green Earthday Metrocard [A Very Convenient Truth: Transit Riders Save The Earth] has been released. Click link below to view this card & all the other Earthday Metrocards.

Date: 04/19/2010

New SAFARI 7 Metrocard is out along with the complete 2010 Earthday Green Metrocard five card set. Click here to view the Photos of each of these new Metrocards.

1 - Follow in Our Footprints - Learn how you can use our carbon footprint to reduce yours at
2 - Nice Save - Every full bus keeps up to 30 cars off the road, dramatically cutting congestion on our roads and pollution in our air.
3 - Breathe Easy - By riding MTA NYC Transit, you are helping keep tons of pollution out of the air.
4 - Big City, Small Footprint! - Because New Yorkers use mass transit every day, they have a much smaller carbon footprint than the national average - about 75% smaller. Tansit Riders Save the Earth!


Date: 04/08/2010

You heard it here first. New metrocards coming soon.

NEW SAFARI 7 METROCARD coming out soon! Who'll find it first? The Metrocard Safari hunt is on!

Production: 1 Mil
511NY - Traffic , Travel, & Transit info.
[ LINK = ] Production also one million.

Earthday is coming soon & so are 5 new Green Metrocards !

Production is 2 million for all 5 cards.

MTA Going your way - greener;
1 - Follow in Our Footprints - Learn how you can use our carbon footprint to reduce yours at
2 - Nice Save - Every full bus keeps up to 30 cars off the road, dramatically cutting congestion on our roads and pollution in our air.
3 - Breathe Easy - By riding MTA NYC Transit, you are helping keep tons of pollution out of the air.
4 - ???
5 - ???

New METS Train To The Game.

Production 1 million.

LINK: Cubic Receives $10 Million Contract to Provide New Fare Collection Technology for New York City Buses

April 07, 2010: 07:00 AM ET

Date: 04/29/2009

A new OPTIMISM Metrocard was released by accident earlier this month. About 30,000 metrocards were inadvertantly set up for release at one Subway Station by accident. Some of the cards were released to commuters but most of the cards were successfully recalled. The OPTIMISM card is one of the MTA's Metrocards being released for the Arts for transit project.
New EasyPay Xpress Metrocard being planned for release later this year.

New Trip Planner Voice Metrocard also in the works & planned for a release later this year.

Full range of NFL Jets & Giants Metrocards in the works. 




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